Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Race Panic That Takes Hostages

You will be shocked, shocked to realize that the hostage-taking faction that has recently dominated US politics is the same basic group of race- and sex-obsessed nihilists that has been resisting modernity in this country since before its formal founding:
The four states with the most Tea Party representatives in Congress are all former members of the Confederate States of America. The states with the greatest number of members of the House Tea Party caucus are Texas (12), Florida (7), Louisiana (5) and Georgia (5). While California is in fifth place with four House Tea Party members, the sixth, seventh and eighth places on the list are taken by two former Southern slave states, South Carolina and Tennessee, and a border state, Missouri, each with three members of the congressional Tea Party caucus.[emphasis mine]
The report goes on to note that the single Tea Party member from the "northeast" is actually from the border state of Maryland. As for the oft-repeated claim that the New South is so very, very different from the bad Old South, here's Amanda Marcotte:
To which I say, as always, dudes, I'm from Texas. Trying to pass off Southern white culture as more tolerant and less superstitious than it is might work on people who haven't spent a lot of time around the very people we're talking about---thus the baffling refusal to get it in the mainstream media---but it doesn't fly with me. I have a lot of years under my belt of trying to get through conversations with your average Southern Joes without some offensive shit coming out of their mouths, and I can attest to what a Herculean task that really is.
The socio-political cohort that murdered Abe Lincoln shortly after wasting several hundred thousand lives in a war to preserve slavery is alive, well, and barely attenuated in its passions. In recent years it was presented with the question of torture and, to no sane person's surprise, answered YES attached to fake assertions of patriotism.

Today the Confederate usuals are not just willing but desperately eager to reduce economic activity and employment under conditions of stalled and falling prospects. The bottom to which they will drag this country -- and with it, if they can, the world -- before touching shame or moderation is still not in sight.

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Sheldon said...

"The tradition of all dead generations weighs like an nightmare on the brains of the living." Marx, Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte (1852)

Just one of my favorite quotations, and I always post it where it seems appropriate. :)