Friday, December 16, 2011

RIP Hitch

With today's death of Christopher Hitchens, the world has lost a magnificent -- and irritating, and disagreeable, and stimulating -- giant. To see him at his inimitable best requires only to select more or less at random any of the hundreds of videos of him available on the internets, but this debate with Alister McGrath is a nicely annotated and thorough enough illustration of his gifts.

I will miss learning from him, and will equally miss being provoked by him. It's doubtful to try to project what Hitchens would say about this or anything, but I feel confident in saying that while it's fine to shed a tear for his passing -- which I did, a little to my own surprise -- it is vastly more important to honor his memory by carrying on his fight. (Pick at least one.)

I am glad his pain is over. God is still not great, but Christopher Hitchens was.


Sheldon said...

Nice to see you are still alive yourself. Did you read Glenn Greenwald's take on Hitchens?

Evangeline said...

I tried to put my name to my comment but have no idea what I'm doing and it has nothing to do with melodrama... but like melanoma... or some other brain defect.
Help me out, please ;-D