Wednesday, February 29, 2012

For Leap Day and the Treachery of Images

source on Married to the Sea

It just now occurs to me (or so I will assert) that middle February marked the fifth blogiversary of this not-quite-so-precious, precious-as-it-used-to-be blog. Neat!

I assume it said that blogs age at seven times the rate of dogs, who are said to age at seven times the rate of humans, by which unassailable logic we are over year 245 of this blog. For all that, it seems like only a few years ago that it all started with a post, the first of many, that existed to slobber over Neko Case.

As it was then, so it is now. In which connection I note that Neko Case will be contributing to the soundtrack of the forthcoming Hunger Games film adaptation, and together with the fact that Arcade Fire and the Decemberists will be contributing songs, tends to suggest that the film won't be a disgraceful piece of crap. After all, would recording artists of such quality put their names on the soundtrack of a slapdash, dumbed-down atrocity against the source material and the expectations of viewers? For the good of whatever, please don't answer that or put any thought into it.

Speaking of slapdash, dumbed-down crap, the Oscars recently honored several movies about movies while largely snubbing the far-more-than-feature-length elaboration of the Book of Job, The Tree of Life, which made the mistake of treating of non-movie themes -- telling us nothing, nothing about the fascinating lives of directors, actors, screenplay writers, or visual effects technicians -- and the further mistake of rattling on for 90+ minutes more than needed. I haven't seen any of the movies about movies and don't want to, notwithstanding the Oscar awards; I likewise don't go out of my way to gaze at paintings of picture frames, brushes, and paint, though I will admit that a few productions of this basic kind stand out admirably.

I forget what I set out to say. Ah yes, now I remember --- I didn't set out to say anything. I hereby pledge to try to post here at least once every Leap Day, but I do not pledge to try very hard.