Saturday, January 19, 2013

Fear, Desire, and Guns

If you read only five analyses of contemporary American gun nuttery, add a sixth and make it the one recently offered at ludic despair:
Progressives proceed from a mistaken assumption. Those who favor drawing a more reasonable Constitutional line between a single-shot musket and an Uzi often believe that gun nuts are AFRAID the government will try to take away their guns. Gun nut paranoia, in this case, is thought to be a function of FEAR. But that isn't the case. Instead, gun nuts like Jones desperately HOPE that the government will try to take away their guns. It would be the ultimate realization of their most profound fantasy. Gun nut paranoia, from this perspective, is a function of DESIRE. Fear can be conquered with education. But desire cannot be reasoned with. The heart wants to shoot what the heart wants to shoot.
When you're trying to put yourself in the mind of gun fanatics as they wildly overreact to President Chickenshit's milquetoast proposals, it can only suffice to imagine your reaction to correspondingly strong proposals to, say, round up and separate adolescents from their parents in the name of one or another understanding of "promot[ing] the general welfare, and secur[ing] the blessings of liberty."

To say the relationship of guns to owners is not parallel to, and lesser than, that of children to parents is only to beg the question being continuously and earnestly raised in far-right circles.

Back when I used to update this blog, I might have said something like this: if we outlaw suitcase nukes, only outlaws and Big Government will have suitcase nukes.


Paul Sunstone said...

Good to see you again! I hope you are back to regular blogging! I've missed your posts.

El said...

Gun nuts are not the sharpest cheddar and they don't understand the 2nd ammendment nor do they understand that they government that they fear is merely a tool for the corporatists. Their one dimensional thinking focuses their fear towards a paper tiger or pawns dressed like knings who run interference for the criminal elite - the ones who hold the real power.

The left right paradigm is a false paradigm. Both sides close their eyes to the dismantling of the constitution and the growing police state at every level. The right is just stupid and in the left's zeal to defend Obama from the dishonest attacks from the right they miss the fact or close their eyes to the fact that he's only an errand boy delivering the Bush/Cheney policies.

Obama Bush said...

And you know the "real" meaning of the 2nd Amendment people have been missing for over 200 years? Too bad we can read the Founder's writings and know exactly what they wanted which was a well armed citizenry. Such an irrational fear of metal and wood objects. Freud was right about the anti-liberty loons and their fear of guns.