Picastro, "Sharks"

Joanna Newsom, "No Provenance"

Bob Dylan, "Gates of Eden"

Sonic Youth, "Snare, Girl"

Massive Attack, "Teardrop"

The Dodos, "Black Night"

Primus, "Too Many Puppies"

Joanna Newsom, "Kingfisher"


PJ Harvey, "The Desperate Kingdom of Love"
Broadcast, "The Book Lovers"
Thom Yorke, "And It Rained All Night"
The National, "England"
Leonard Cohen, "Suzanne"
Arcade Fire, "Ready to Start"
Velvet Underground, "Venus in Furs"
Jakob Dylan, "Holy Rollers for Love"
Broken Bells, "The High Road"
The Bird and the Bee, "Preparedness"
Stereolab, "The Noise of Carpet"
Atlas Sound, "Quick Canal"
Portishead, "Roads"
Leonard Cohen, "Stories of the Street"
Sonic Youth, "Massage the History"
Leonard Cohen, "The Stranger Song"
Jakob Dylan, "Everybody's Hurting"
The Shins, "Split Needles"
Silver Jews, "Blue Arrangements"
The Postal Service, "This Place is a Prison"
TV on the Radio, "Wolf Like Me"
PJ Harvey, "Meet Ze Monsta"

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